Blogging is all about sharing the things you are enthusiastic about,things that interest you or simply things you are good at. In the last two years,blogging has been flooded with everyone trying to start a blog of his or her own. Well,starting a new blog is a child’s play and anyone can start a blog anytime. However,taking your blog to a new level is what differentiates professionals from amateurs, Most people start blogs to earn money online without understanding what blogging entails and the tricks to becoming a successful blogger. The following are 7 reasons why most blogs fail and how to avoid such situations.

Focusing more on yourself
Blogs are meant for other people (your audience) to read. This therefore means that you should not focus so much on writing about yourself,your services or your products. Instead focus on providing solutions and giving helpful information to your audience because this is what they want to read. Most people visiting the internet require solutions,great information as well as content and that is all they care about. By proving this,you will be successful and the traffic to your blog will be overwhelming.

Failure to embrace outside experts
This is one of the most common mistakes done by many bloggers and it is a reason why most blogs fail. You might think that you have what it takes to start,manage and maintain a blog on your own as an individual. Without expert knowledge and help this will be a tall order for you. Therefore you need to seek help from experts; talk to book authors,talk to other bloggers or professionals in bogging. By doing so,you will share ideas,tricks and strategies on how to be the best blogger. Additionally,by working with experts you will be able to grow a bigger following and you will also form strategic alliances with the same experts who will share with you new ideas. You can also talk to search engine optimization experts who will guide you on search engine rankings and how to come up with keywords that are link bait.

Lack of useful information
People visit the internet each second and the best way to have their attention is by proving useful,interesting and new information; not something they already know or have an idea of. This therefore means that you must have knowledge of what you are writing about,you must be passionate about what you right and be creative in your writing. Provide tips,steps,guides or any other type of useful information that will be helpful and interesting to your audience. In order for you to understand what your audience wants,it is important to do research on current information and problems facing people. By doing so,you will be in a better position to provide high quality and useful information.

Most new bloggers start blogging with an intention of making money out of the blogs. This forces them to resort to ads and marketing messages. Unfortunately,they quite when they realize that the blog is not making a lot of money as they expect. Great blogs provide commercial free gifts in the form of great valuable content. When you decide to use ads it is important to also promote free content for example a white paper or a newsletter subscription. It is important for you to understand that it takes time to make enough money from a blog therefore,be patient and concentrate on building your blog as well providing quality content before you can start making money.

Lack of share buttons
Blogging is two sided. It involves communication between the writer and the reader. A reader might find that you have great content and he or she might have the need to share the content. So when they lack the share button this acts as a turn off to some. On top of that having share buttons in your blog will enable your readers to share your content which is similar to selling your content and increasing your audience. Therefore,if want your blog to be successful,consider including share buttons,enable email subscription,include social media share buttons in your blog.

Failure to engage your audience
Being an introvert is one of the reasons why most bloggers fail. Most bloggers concentrate on only writing and marketing their blogs forgetting to respond to questions asked by their audience. By answering questions and responding to issues raised by your audience you will be building trust,confidence and loyalty among your visitors. They will always visit your blog simply because you treat them with concern and that you have their interests at heart. It is important to point out that non responsive authors shun away readers. Ensure that you have that personal connection with your readers by responding to all their questions and comments within the shortest time possible.

Failure to update your content on a regular basis
Most people think that providing content once is enough to have a successful blog. Unfortunately,this is not the case. You must continuously provide useful content to your readers. A blog should always have fresh and new content. This therefore means that you should update your content at least two times a week to ensure that your readers have something new to read every time they visit your blog. In order to ensure that you have fresh,interesting content,you must do thorough research about the topic you are writing. Take your time to research and have interesting information for your audience. Your readers will always visit your blog because of the high quality and credible information that your blog offers. Read moreWhy not try here

In summary,it is not an easy thing to start and run a successful blog. Being a successful blogger calls for you to be consistent,creative,attentive to your audience,embrace change,share ideas with professionals and above all be professional in whatever you write. By observing and understanding all the above 7 reasons why most blogs fail,you will be in a good position to start manage and run a blog successfully.

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