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Excavator attachment products

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Pile Driver

hydraulic pile driver

Pile driver It is mainly applied to steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile and long slender concrete precast pile . This pile driving method is the most suitable for working in sand and poorer effect in the clay which must select higher power model machines.

Pile Breaker

excavator pile breaker

Pile breaker Hydraulic pile breaker offer its several cylinders oil pressure through power source and cylinder directly drive the chisels and squeeze the pile body at the same time to break the pile. like round cast-in-place piles, precast piles et,square and stainless steel series pile breaker .


Auger Drill

auger drill rig

Auger drill Hydraulic earth drill is mainly composed with power head and auger. The power head and auger are fixed together. Auger is composed of screw blade and bit on the end of the auger, there is also teeth on the end of the auger. Simple construction, stronger drill ability, low production cost, high flexibility

High Frequency Ripper


Ripper It use the destructive power produced by high speed running to make the target damage become half of liquefaction state for destruction. Due to high sealing ability of its core parts, hydraulic ripper can easily finish underwater broken homework under the condition of not modified .

Hydraulic Pulverizer

hydraulic pulverizer

Hydraulic pulverizer Hydraulic pulverizer is composed with body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw and fixed jaw. The external hydraulic system offer hydraulic pressure for the hydraulic cylinder to make the movable jaw and fixed jaw open and close to achieve the effect of crushing objects.

Hydraulic Shear

demolition shear

Excavator shear Hydraulic Shear is suitable for various operations, including breaking the steel structure, scrap steel processing and other applications, cut iron material, steel, tank and tube etc, unique design and innovative ways to ensure the efficient operation and powerful cutting force, than ordinary hydraulic shear performance beyond 15% .

QC / Technical Support

Sari certification

Recently,by the State Intellectual Property Office for approval, Wuxi BeiYi excavator parts factory research and development of hydraulic crushing shears successfully through two patents, as design, development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the modern innovative technology enterprises, BeiYi machinery has been at the forefront of technology and fashion, the access to two patents, highlighting the company’s strong R & D strength and technological innovation in the continuous breakthrough..

R&D; Team: Our company has a highly skilled and professional R&D; team. We always adhere to continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence in developing our products.
Quality assurance: Our company has one of the most stringent quality control systems, from our feed testing and product inspection to the final inspection process.
Inspection of Raw Materials: Our Company has a professional metal analysis room and advanced preliminary heat-treatment equipment. We have strict standards when inspecting the material of each our products.
Production Equipment: We have highly advanced precision manufacturing equipment which are produced in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Japan with strict control of excellence.


Mainly engaged in products include: hydraulic pile driver, hydraulic pile breaker (including removable circular and fixed square hydraulic pile breaker), hydraulic crushing pliers, auger drilling rig,excavator pulverizer,rubbish demolition shear.—-Professional excavator attachments manufacturers-BeiYi Machinery

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